Friday, March 7, 2008

Home again, gone again...

My dear husband has come home to us, and it has been a wonderful afternoon! He brought some nifty souvenirs from Panajachel, the tourist town by the lake up there, and some mp3's of the wonderful preaching he and Joseph enjoyed this week. I can hardly wait to listen to them all! But first we have been swapping stories of things that happened this past week. Joseph was a blessing to his Dad, and I am so glad they had the one-on-one time together at the camp. There was an elderly (but active!) couple there who had been in Central America helping build a church building. They travelled down in their RV with a Spanish-speaking guide, and were now needing to return to the States. They asked the brethren if one of them would be able to guide them back up through Mexico. Daniel felt led to help them out, so he is planning to leave for the border on Monday.

This evening we received some bad news from family in the States. Perhaps I will be able to share it here in the future, but for now, if you are a praying Christian, then please pray for our family. The Lord has got to work a miracle, or two souls will be lost! The timing of Daniel's trip to help that elderly couple, could not have been more perfect, as he will be able to minister to the family, however briefly. Thank you for praying! I will keep you posted as I am able.


Jennifer said...

Hello there, I enjoyed reading your blog!! Just thought I would say hello and have a wonderful weekend! God Bless

Cathy L. Quigley said...

Howdy! George enjoyed the Men of the Word as usual. He said that the attendance was low this time. A friend of his from work came to the Saturday morning session. Nolan will be able to attend the next one, I think. He is getting so big. I'm glad that Daniel got home safely. If he wants to get in touch with George, give him his email: Love ya! Cathy