Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Well, we are now midway through the week-without-the-Daddy. I will be SO glad when he comes home! He doesn't even have to do anything to help around the house (although that would be nice :o), but just having him here, engaging me in adult conversation, and loving on the children. And me.

We haven't had too many incidents. There was the time I dropped a big bottle of drinking water, which cracked and spewed water all over the kitchen floor. (Jessica ran to my aid, helping me get the crack on the top side, and find all the pitchers in the house to pour the water into. We had a good laugh!)

...Then there was the time when J.B. was fretting and crying about something (it was hard to tell what - he doesn't talk very well yet), and he finally started sneezing, and out flew a four-inch piece of spaghetti noodle. You can guess what we had eaten for supper.

...And there was also the time I heard spooky scratchy sounds coming from a dark corner after I had put the children to bed and the lights were out. In the dimness, I was able to make out a small something-or-other moving on the floor by the wall. At least it wasn't a human intruder! But I couldn't tell WHAT creature was in the corner, and I was afraid if I moved it would run, and you know where they run - ALWAYS IN YOUR DIRECTION. I cautiously crept to the opposite wall to switch on the lights... I couldn't see it from that angle, but I went to get a weapon - the broom - before moving in on my target. ("I will not scream and wake the children... I will not scream and wake the children... I will not....") Fortunately, nothing made a rush at me. It was just Sandy the turtle, who should be renamed Houdini for her amazing ability to ESCAPE from her aquarium.

Other than that, things have been pretty normal. Some of you know that we have construction going on to complete the second floor of our cinderblock house. The concrete floor has been levelled so that flooring can be put in, and it has windows and is mostly painted. The bathroom door arrived yesterday, and they installed it. I can't wait for Daniel to see!

I'd better quit for now. I'm hearing that scratchy sound again, over in the corner....


Tori said...

Oh how funny Tammy. JB and the speghetti was hillarious!!!

Kim Raley said...

I can completely sympathize with daddy being gone! Sounds like you are having fun with the kids, but it will be nice to have your knight return to catch the critters in the corner :) Am enjoying your blog!