Thursday, March 20, 2008

What Love!

The children and I are at the end of Matthew in our nightly Bible reading, which corresponds nicely with Resurrection Sunday! Last night and the night before, the Lord was teaching his disciples about the end times, and it is so exciting to think about! Tonight, however, He communed with His disciples, partaking of the Passover, and revealing to them the whole meaning of it. Then He was in the Garden of Gethsemane, groaning beneath the burden of the knowledge of what He must endure in order to be my Saviour. Nevertheless...Thy will be done.

It was God's will that you and I be saved, and so the most horrible injustice in history was done to the only One who could possibly redeem us from death, sin, hell and the devil. His body was to be broken, like the bread. His blood was to be spilled out, like the wine.

Tonight we only read the beginnings of how He suffered. So far, I have never been betrayed by anyone in my closest circle of friends, then forsaken by all. I have never been taken before a judge and had false witnesses accuse me. I have never yet had anyone spit in my face or beat me up, or make public shame and mockery of me. But Jesus endured all this, and much more, for my sake. I weep my gratitude, bow before Him, and whisper Thank You, Lord.