Monday, March 24, 2008

Confessions of a Temporary Single Mom

I thank God for my dear husband when he is here with us, but his absence makes me EXTRA appreciative. The other day, the thing I dreaded would happen, happened. The toilet stopped up. I hesitate to mention this, because I know there are women out there who will scoff, but you have to understand I had three brothers and a Daddy who always took care of these things, then married a sweet man who does the same. I call, "Honey, the potty's stopped up!" (Enter blonde gallant knight, wielding a plunger.)

I'm also taking out the icky trash. And even nature's critters seem to know I'm in charge. Two mornings in a row I've found a big ugly spider in my kitchen sink. While I don't run screaming from spiders, I don't particularly delight in killing them, either, and I'm not the catch-and-release type.

Six children to one parent, that's pretty good odds something is going to happen while my back is turned. It did! Jessica climbed the post of our laundry line outside, and was standing on the crossbeam, when Jillian came after her. (They were playing tag.) Rather than get tagged, Jessica took a flying leap! (Mind you, this post she was standing on is higher than my head.) She landed on her shins on the edge of the trampoline, then fell to the ground. One shin is badly gouged, and I am thinking about taking her into town for x-rays, just in case her rapidly growing bone is cracked.


We miss the Daddy. He is irreplaceable, not just in the home-life, but in our hearts! We miss his leadership, and his guidance for the boys. We miss his teaching, instructing us from God's word. We miss his strong, stablizing presence. Without him, our home is not complete, and it is felt on every side!

My heart goes out to those women who really are single moms.


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha!

maw maw said...

I really can relate to this one. Cute! I needed that laugh! maw maw