Sunday, March 16, 2008

A 'Hole'y Day

Today started out with a bang - almost literally. Just as we were about to leave for church, baby Joel decided to make a huge mess of things by doing something I won't go into detail about. So we were late leaving.

The street in front of the church has been under construction for some time now. I guess the city ran out of money for the project, and the street is paved until just before it gets to the church's driveway, and there is a gaping, concrete sewer hole (that might some day be a capped manhole) right where we turn into the driveway. As I was maneuvering this difficult turn, I was a bit hasty because of our tardiness, and managed to get my back tire just over the edge of that sewer hole, and I was STUCK.

It was not long before a crowd began to gather. Several Guatemalan men gathered 'round to survey the situation and discuss a course of action. I could see it written on all their faces - Female driver, eh? Yep. I sent the children on to Sunday School, and pretty soon some of the brothers from the church came out to rescue me. All I could do was sit there, feeling the heat rise in my face, and waiting for instructions.

Hno. Oto said he just knew something like this was going to happen some day! He asked if I had a camera, but I didn't. So you'll have to picture in your mind our long, yellow GMC van blocking a whole intersection, with its big ol' rear wheel stuck in a concrete sewer pipe, and traffic backing up in three directions! Not a pretty picture :o}

Long story told, they were able to jack up the back axle and build me a ramp to back out of the hole, and then we went to church.

The sermon was wonderful - just what I needed! It was on Moses' song of praise to the Lord when He delivered the Israelites from the Egyptians. I remembered that the best thing to do when things aren't going well is to praise the LORD! What better way to honor the Lord? Praise Him when you don't feel like it - take your eyes off yourself and bless HIM in spite of yourself! That's what I did, and He filled my heart with gratitude for all that He has done for me. The LORD is my strength and song, and he is become my salvation!


Tori said...

How funny Tammy! Glad it was you and not me! °Ü°