Thursday, March 27, 2008

How close is Eternity?

Daniel's mom, Wanda, called me today and told me about something very thought-provoking. Last week she and Daniel were working out at her back fence. Daniel had some good, godly music playing in the vehicle as they loaded it with some stuff to haul off. An elderly neighbor lady came out of her house, and approached them. They struck up a conversation, and Daniel started talking to her about the Lord, and showed her the truth about what happens after we die. Before long, he held her little hands in his, and prayed with her. She thanked him, and went back inside. Later that week, Daniel left Texas.

The reason that Wanda called us is that this morning, that lady was found in her home. She had passed away sometime during the night. I am so thankful for to have a husband who takes the time to talk to a lonely old woman, and especially for a God who extends His grace to everyone!