Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Value Of Children

Some friends of ours are in the process of adopting an adorable 16-month-old baby. I can read the excitement in their emails, so giddy they are about welcoming the little guy into their home! You would think, by reading the detailed account of his story, that they were childless, and had been waiting for years to have a child to love.

They have seven children already.

Another couple had no children, and had been in the process of adopting this boy. They had him in their home, but before long were calling the birth mother and the foster mom, "demanding they take the child back". Parenthood wasn't all it was cracked up to be, after all. What makes the difference between their attitude and that of our friends? I think it is the lack of God's perspective about the value of children.

God's holy Word says that children are "an heritage of the LORD" and "his reward". "Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them"! I don't know how much a quiver is, but it is clear that if we evaluate children as God does, having lots of them makes us happy! Jesus Himself, a single man humanly speaking, was not loathe to be surrounded by little children, but insisted they be allowed to come to Him.

I congratulate our friends on the treasure God has brought to them. God bless you, David and Dotti! And congratulations also to Catherine, Brandon, Christina, Joshua, Clara, Michael and Caroline! Welcome home, little Caleb. :-)


Tori said...

Aren't they just the greatest gifts next to Jesus? Wow, that God would trust us with them.

Oh yea and congrats to the new parents.