Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Today was errand day, and we got so much accomplished in town. We returned home exhausted, though, so it was such a blessing to me when Jessica volunteered to make supper. (She made biscuits all by herself. And I don't mean the canned kind. :o)

But the beautiful young woman pictured here is not Jessica. She is my cousin Shelley, whom I spoke with on the Vonage phone this evening. Did you know I have a cousin in Nicaragua? She is serving the Lord there, and has some wonderful discipleship ministries! In all our growing-up years, the Lord has never allowed us to live close to one another. She grew up in the North, and I grew up in the South. (She said "you guys", I said "y'all", etc.) Now she is a missionary in Nicaragua, and I in Guatemala. (I think we are living closer to each other now than we ever have!)

In spite of the physical distance that has always been between us, we've always shared a sweet, warm, better-than-cousins friendship that I cherish. I'm so proud of her and the work she is doing in Nicaragua! What a blessing to be on the same team, doing our part to gain some ground for the cause of Christ.

She is working on setting up her own blog, so when she does, her link will be in my right column, under "Great Links". Stay tuned!


Tori said...

How special family is.
Can't wait for the link!